2010 Seventies night

Friday 19 February 2010

In aid of St Giles School

Amount raised: £805

Running total to date: £19681

We had great fun organising and setting up for this seventies night.  

As it was the first one we had organised as a fund raiser we probably went a little over the top with our 'props' but what the heck!  

This was one of our smaller 'in-betweener' events designed to brighten up a dull February night - but it was soon to become another annual event date on the calendar.
We call this one our 'cheap and cheerful' as we try to keep all costs to a minimum as we are aware that we are yet again asking for your money!  We don't raise as much but then we don't charge as much!  Beechy runs the disco, the food is simple (but good!) and we have no raffle and just one game of stand-up bingo.  

But one thing we never compromise on is value for money - and we hope that we give you that in spades!!  We don't compromise on fun, originality and ambiance either - and we certainly had all of that this time.

We were raising funds this time for St Giles school as they wanted to add more equipment and resources to the sensory areas in the school. 

They have a sensory garden in the school grounds with lots of raised flower beds so that pupils in wheelchairs can reach the plants.  The plants are carefully chosen for scent, taste and colour and there are water features and sound games so there is stimulation for all the senses.

They also have another indoor sensory room which has further visual lighting and tactile equipment displays. 

So off we went to raise them some money...

Ian set up his disco as it was a Beechy event and he was providing the known and loved sounds of the seventies for the evening.  He even had a glitter ball - how very retro!
Julie and Ian had bought loads of scene setters so these were placed all around the walls to create a good seventies vibe...
And even the seating plan was themed and glittered! Julie really does like her attention to detail!
The entrance was filled with balloons and the table was decorated with a suitably seventies style cloth.  The dishes were cunningly moulded from LPs (I suspect that these were from Beechy's long hoarded music collection) and were filled with retro sweets and lollies
People were politely told that they could eat all the sweets that were scattered round and about but they were asked not to remove anything else and were reminded that we actually pay for all the bits and pieces ourselves - so we don't like them to go missing!

We were really pleased with our table centres for this event as they were SHOES!

Yes shoes, lots of shoes - platforms, wedges, stacked heel, ankle strap - you name it, it was there!  High heels and low heels - we had them all.

Jules even had her own shop to sell them!  And those which didn't sell were later put back onto eBay where they had come from.

The tables really looked amazing with their unusual table centres and quirky dishes. And Julie had found loads of retro sweets...

 ... sherbert dips, flying saucers, black jacks, drumsticks, refreshers, shrimps, candy necklaces, fruit salads, love hearts, refreshers. 

Katy, Ema and Luisa tried to look grown up smoking the candy cigarettes...

This was the night that Julie walked past her own brother and didn't recognise him - well he did look a bit like Yosser (gizza job..) - and he was heavily disguised with a porn star moustache...

I LOVE that Travolta teeshirt!

Once again we had some amazing costumes and this is Ozzy receiving his prize for best-dressed - looks like he is being congratulated by wotsisname out of Kiss!  (Actually it is Ema and I think she was trying to nick his bottle of plonk!)   Some more of our groovy party goers...

Beechy's groovy music kept the dance floor busy all evening...

Some of his fans showed their gratitude and appreciation - while the rest just danced!

Who are the first two on the dance floor when they play 'The Bump' - it's my sisters Carol and Julie!  They totally revert back to their teenage years and bruise themselves silly for the next five minutes by thwacking their legs/thighs/bums together.  I must have missed that phase...

quaversing along...  Sergeant Dooie's Lonely Heart Club Band (I hope that he enjoyed the show...)

Everyone enjoyed the pie and pea supper - wigs off for eating then...
So this was how we started off this year - some of us were even wearing our own hair!... 

but by the end of the evening it was a total wig and mustache mania swopsie love-fest with everyone joining in...

Beechy and Jules presented the cheque to Pauline at the school and there was the usual write-up in the local newspapers.

We had a great evening with guest appearances by some Bay City Rollers, Ozzy, Kiss, Abba, Slade and many, many more - but at the end of the day even Elvis had to leave the building...

Thank you all.

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