2012 Seventies night

Saturday 4 February 2012

In aid of St Giles School

Amount raised: £1059

Running total to date: £24689

Yet another seventies night (note to selves: we really must think of a different theme but we just enjoy it too much!..) to raise money for seating in the sensory room and sensory garden at St Giles School.

Another of our 'cheap and cheerful' in-betweener fancy dress events.

This was once again a successful and very colourful night - we are always amazed at how many different costumes people can find to dress up in!

Music was provided by punkmeister Beechy and his brilliant disco.

And he totally got into character as a punk... 
It snowed quite heavily and unexpectedly on the day of this event but most people managed to make it to the venue.  We took advantage of course and nipped out for a quick snowball fight.

It was a very colourful dance floor with all the bright costumes and everyone sang along lustily as we all knew the words to the songs...

We all enjoyed a good boogie - and as the Village People were there we HAD to do the YMCA!

We now know that we have hit the big time as we have groupies - yes, that's what I said - groupies!  We have a genteel, jolly and perfectly delightful gaggle/clutch/handful/quorum (sorry - don't know what the collective noun for a lot of young-at-heart-women-who-love-to-dance is - perhaps you can suggest something??) of ladies who turn up to our events and put us to shame by being the first up to dance and the last to sit down!

They are now known as the Dancing Queens and have their personalised sashes to prove it!  The Drama Queen sash was made for Julie - no explanation necessary..
Once again we started out in one wig - and ended up in another one!  We never can decide what to wear so we just wear them all - simples!!

Our bruv obviously had a huge case of wig envy and F.O.M.O. (Fear Of Missing Out) ...

Then others joined in - I think that the pink is more your colour Vinnie!..

There were some pretty awesome shoes around too - and that was just the men!


Some great ladies' shoes too - so of course we had to do our usual 'swopsies' - we don't confine it just to wigs... (not sure about the socks with those shoes Julie...)

And to think that I used to run around in shoes and  boots like that - can't even stand up in them now!

Julie's silver platform boots (yes they were Julie's but I'm wearing them here - having squeezed my two sizes larger feet into them - though she had bought them large and was wearing socks with them!) were bought from eBay and they have a long story - ask her about them if you dare!!  Julie is wearing Katie's gold wedges - and in the other pic she is wearing one of her boots, one of my boots and I'm wearing Katie's shoes - no idea what Katie was wearing...

Our table centres were lava lamps and the dishes for our seventies sweety treats were LP records (from his collection again?!!) cunningly moulded into bowls by Beechy (is there no end to his talents?..)

We had a display of seventies LP covers in the entrance way with fibre optic lights, balloons and coloured mood lighting - it looked great when you walked in and it really set the scene.  Psychedlic style scene setters were put around the walls in the main room to give it more of a disco vibe.


Pauline and her posse from St Giles School were there to keep an eye on us!

More party people...

We even managed to have two cakes made for special birthdays. 
Happy birthday Sid and Katy.

sing along...
quaverAll the nice girls love a sailor... 

Smile everyone - it's for the newspaper...

Robin had been most disappointed to learn that Luisa and Ema were not able to get across for this event as he had already decided that they would be his 'ho's for the evening (what a caring uncle!)  Julie and I decided that it was our duty as sisters to do something about it and help him out...

So we arranged some 'hoes' for our brother and put it all in a poem -  some Father Christmas ho ho ho's, some dwarfish heigh ho's (nod to Beechy's end of night disco farewell tune there...), some Hoseasons, some panty hose - we drew the line at a garden hoe (elf n safety again) need I go on?...

HOe HOe HOe!

Robin was quite disappointed, in fact he was feeling quite blue
He’d just found that Luisa and Ema wouldn’t be at the charity ‘do’

They wouldn’t be there for the evening, all dressed in their seventies clothes
So that messed up his grand expectation of himself as the pimp with two ‘hoes’!

So Robin had found he was ‘hoeless’ - the future was not looking bright
A pimp with no hoes – not an option, ‘twas something we had to put right

The sisters then sprang into action, both thinking now what can we do
Our first thought - with a change in our costume we could pose as hoe one and hoe two!

Then we realised we’d maybe been hasty, and thought our plan might not be right
We’d be too busy bossing and fussing, with no time to be hoes for the night

And our age may of course go against us, as we couldn’t command a good rate
He’d probably make better money, with the lads from the ad 118!

So further action was called for, to help out our Robin the pimp
Make him look like he’s doing good business - not just a sad, hoeless young gimp

Gazelle-like we sprang to his rescue, ready, eager to help out our bro
To get to the root of the problem, and find him a suitable hoe

So we’ve gathered a worthy collection, we’ve chatted and had a good think
When he finds out what now is on offer, we hope he’ll be tickled quite pink!

We’ve got hoe downs, Hoeseasons and heigh hoes, Hoe Hoe from Santa Claus too
There’s panty and rubber and Plymouth, don’t think that there’s more we can do!

We think that we’ve covered the options, it’s been a true labour of love
To find a hoe who is most suited, to be up there alongside our bruv

If we then find he still isn’t happy (as sometimes there’s no pleasing his nibs)
Last resort (or our chance to hit big time) - he’ll have to make do with us sibs! xxx

As you can imagine our brother (who is quite used to our little quirks and foibles) was suitably (un)impressed and (un)grateful!! 

And talking of poems - the cyberspace conversation below started with an email from me to Julie and Ian where I'd attached a copy of the ticket  and a 'save the date' flyer I had designed for the 70s evening - I always go back to the head honchoes at Beechy and Jules events HQ in Retford for final approval on all ticket designs and document wording before printing!  This was how the conversation between Julie and myself went in the weeks leading up to the 70s night...

From: "wewgiord@aol.com" <wewgiord@aol.com>
To: beechtowers@btinternet.com
Sent: Thursday, 29 December 2011, 21:55
Subject: save the date 4 feb 2012

these ok? tickets the same x

In a message dated 30/12/2011 GMT Standard Time, beechtowers@btinternet.com writes:
it's fab and it's funky and fantastic too
so fankyou dear sister they really will do 

ta ta for now x

Sent: Friday, 30 December 2 011, 22:19
oh heck - my sister has slipped into rhyme
(it's something that happens from time to time!)
so now that the tickets have had their all clear
how many you want then oh sister dear?

Sent: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 13:47
hundred to start with - we're hoping to sell
but 70s discos always do well
so maybe you'd like to print a few more
another twenty or thirty ( oh just make it a score )
I'll leave it to you dear sister of mine
'cos whatever you do I am sure will be fine x

Sent: Sunday, 1 January 2012, 17:18
I think that for now one hundred and twenty
Will do for a start - it should really be plenty
Then if we find that you're running low
I can easily whizz a few more off for you
And your sister in Worksop has sent out a text
To say fancy dress disco in Retford is next
If she can gets numbers the same as last time
I'l be printing loads more and all will be fine! 

so we'd better start phoning to let people know
'cos we want all these specially designed tickets to go
and i'll thank sister 2 (not too - number two sister) when i speak to her next
for managing to remember to send out a text !

Sent: Sunday, 1 January 2012, 21:29
Having put down the phone I forgot just to say
That I bought flying saucers while out yesterday
Three quite big packets - now is that enough?
Just to scatter on tables with more retro stuff?
..And a big bag of shrimps - I got those as well
Will that be enough, you never can tell
But I can pop back if you think we need more
(They were having a sale and it's a nice store
And I saw some great boots in my size in a black
But they've been on my mind so I need to go back
I also had spotted a cute little dress
But I'd better stop there for I fear I digress!..)

Well, I've bought some Drumsticks and Double Dips too
Lollipops, Black Jacks and Fruit Salad chews
Sweet Candy Necklaces and Magical Dust
Refreshers and Love Hearts they all are a must !
Now you mentioned some black boots that looked rather cool
But you can't scatter them you silly old fool
And neither can you eat them they'd be rather tough
(Oh sorry - did you mean they're for your fancy dress stuff !!!! )
Well now my dear sister I must tootle off
'Cos I've started again with this quite tickly cough
So to answer your question about having enough (shrimps and saucers)
I'm sure there'll be plenty of 70s sweet stuff
So tatty night 'elder' I'm off to my bed
Whilst all of these thoughts float around in my head xx

Sent: Tuesday, 3 January 2012, 19:42
It sounds like you've got everything under control
With those 70s sweets - you've thought of them all
But now - table centres I just wonder what
We're going to have there as our centre spot
We talked about cake stands all made out of vinyl
Was that just a thought or is it now final? (good rhyme eh??)
Or have we filed that under too hard to do
And we'll stick to balloons - we can blow up a few
We need some fast action - that much is quite clear
And we need it 'toot sweet' as the disco draws near
But decisions are made at Beech Towers HQ
So for now sister dear - over, out, back to you...

Table centres dear sister here's what we will do
Fibre optic doo dahs we'll have one or two
On a mirror they'll sit so they twinkle and shine
So no need to stress sis 'cos it all will be fine
Then Ian will look for the bowls made from vinyl
And we'll chuck a few sweets in and that will be final 
(had to use your words there 'cos I couldn't find one of my own !)
We'll blow a few balloons up and scatter them around
And I'll guarantee dear elder of mine that all will be sound
So try not to stress Sis 'cos that job's for I
Relax, put your feet up and have a mincepie !!

Ok then, we're sorted and ready to go
No more worry for me - I'll leave all that to you
But there's other things now on which I can stress
Just what shall I wear, hot pants, trousers or dress
And if it's a dress - maxi, midi or mini
Maybe best to keep covered - wish I was skinny!
Long wig or short wig in brown, blonde or pink
Or own hair with a hat - well what do you think?
So much to consider - I'm starting to sweat
You see sister dear - it just ain't over yet!

Well I was fancydressless (but that's nothing new)
'Til my dear elder sister did shop at Boo Hoo
She bought a great bargain, five notes she did pay
A black shimmy dress which I think looks ok
So I'll see what it looks like when I squeeze my bod in
I've only got 3 weeks to try to be thin !!!
So if this dress fits then that's me now done
Add earrings and hat and glitter shoes I will don
So toodle pip sister - dear elder of mine
I'm sure on the night that we all will be fine xx

Sent: Sunday, 15 January 2012, 21:16
So have you tried on the black glittery dress?
Does it look ok then or is it a mess?
Have you eaten too many plump sugary sweets?
(Or have you been eating the 70s treats?!)
A word of advice then dear sister of mine
Just heed your big sister and all will be fine
If you're having trouble maintaining your figure
Just think 'what the heck' and buy a size bigger!
I always find my advice will work wonders
In covering up any muffin top blunders
It saves holding your breath for the whole of the night
Just let it hang out, bigger size - out of sight!  x

Well actually dear sister, dear elder of mine
I'm sure the black dress will actually be fine
Though I haven't tried it on yet and I'm still trying to slim
You never know-in two weeks-I might have got thin
I've laid off the tatties and pasta and chips
Though the sight of the Quality Street has me licking my lips
So maybe I'll sneak a wee chocolate or two
And a bigger size dress - yes - that's what I'll do

Sent: Friday, 20 January 2012, 22:57
If you've laid off the carbs and are now on a diet
Just put on the dress - you will need to try it
Though bought in my size I now seem to be bigger
And the LBD it was tight hugging my figure!
(Well when I say hugging 'twas showing my knickers
I need to lay off all the Mars bars and Snickers!)
But you're a size smaller so on you 'twill be right
You won't need to be holding your breath all the night!

Whilst practising my dance steps to the gorgeous 'Travolta'
My bloody elder sister only jets off to Malta !!
Just how can she do that and leave me at home
And who can I talk to on the end of a phone
I wanted to tell her I'd tried on the dress
And it did look alright and it didn't look a mess
So now I just need a blonde wig and a hat
And all will be fine and that will be that !!

Sent: Tuesday, 31 January 2012, 19:06
Ooh nice little rhyme there with gorgeous Travolta
Would have worked just as well if we’d been to Gibraltar
But what if we’d been on our hols out in Tipperton
Would you practice your dance moves to young Minnie Ripperton?!
And what if we’d been to Havanna? – or Hull?
Funky moves to Santana or perhaps Jethro Tull?
But let’s leave it there for once more I digress
No more chat about hols or your diet or dress!
I’m caught up with the gossip, we’ve had a good chat
I’ve been given my orders and I know where I'm at
I’d already thought, though I was only guessing
That with five days to go you’d be properly stressing
But you don’t seem too bad yet – though that can soon change
(That’s when Ian knows to keep right out of range!)
I’ve printed more tickets and sent them today
Hopefully now they should be well on their way
I’ve ordered the cakes and I’ve checked on the spelling
(Can’t get it wrong – I don’t want the yelling!)
I’m sewing the sashes like you asked me to
Is there anything else that you want me to do?

Will you slow down with your poetry
As I can't keep up with you
I'm busy making cups of tea
'Cos that's all I seem to do
Now in answer to your last verse
Well not the last - the one before
Do you think I'm really bossy?
Am I someone to abhor ? (good word for me that one!)
So I'll ask no more dear sister (I'm stropping now)
Your services are no longer required
'Cos the seventies do is tomorrow
And your employment has sadly expired !! 
(As you have done everything that we asked of you - or you chose to do !!)
So Thanks for all you hard work
As usual you have come up to scratch
You're the best elder sister I've ever had
And one that we'll never ever match !! (I'm creeping now)

And that's it!  Writing silly poems is definitely something we get from mum as she used to write them too.  But enough foolishness for now - back to the serious business of why we were doing all this in the first place...

This piece was written for the Retford Times and appeared in the newspaper along with the large picture of everyone in their costumes which is at the top of this blog: 

Charity 70's night raises money for St Giles School

Over 130 people braved the snowy weather on Saturday 4 February 2012 to attend a charity 70s fancy dress event organised by Beechy and Jules at the Elms Hotel.

Ian Beech and Julie Hinton and their family have now been fund raising for over 10 years since the death of Julie’s father, and later her mother from heart disease.  What started as a one-off event in memory of her dad for the British Heart Foundation has now become a yearly occasion which supports various home charities and groups such as the local area BHF group, Bassetlaw Breast Care, the Special Care Baby Unit, St Giles School and North Notts Air Ambulance.  To date they have raised a total of over £21,000!

As well as their main event they also organise smaller fundraisers such as pop quizzes and fancy dress nights.  The scene on Saturday was set for a fab and funky 70s evening with lava lamps and colour changing lights and lots of retro sweets on the tables.  Costumes were colourful and the music by DJ (punk!) Beechy was totally 70s.  Everyone agreed that it had been a great evening and a real blast from the past!

An impressive total of £1059 was raised for St Giles School which will be used to buy seating for their sensory area.

After the event we picked about 20 of the most colourful photos that had been taken on the night and printed them as A4 size copies and then laminated them.  These were given to St Giles School for a display so the pupils could see how their money had been raised - and the fun we'd had in doing it!!

Here is some of the seating which was purchased with your help...

Buddy benches - what a great name!

And this is the end result with  Beechy and Jules presenting the cheque to St Giles School, watched by Pauline, the Headteacher and some of the pupils. 

        Another great result.  
     Thanks everybody!

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