Introduction and event info...

Julie, Dad, Mum, Cathryn
Wendy, Carol, Robin

This blog was set up so that everyone could see what has been happening at our charity events as they have developed over the years.

Our organisers are sister Julie (Jules) and her partner Ian (Beechy) - with help from across the Pennines from me (Wendy) and my husband Mike.  And of course all the rest of the family (Carol and Cathryn but mainly brother Robin) are all drafted in as and when needed...

It is in chronological order with the most recent event at the top and the oldest event - our first one which was held in 2002 - at the bottom of the page.   Click into the post you want to see at the left hand side - and read!  As simple as that!

We are also adding photos to the appropriate years in the yellow banner across the top.  Once finished (work in progress at the moment!) you should be able to see ALL photos, not just those used in the posts. 

Please let us know if you have more photos or information to add so that we can include it - and feel free to make any comments or suggestions.


to be arranged...

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