2019: Shorts and shades

Saturday 6 July 2019

In aid of St Giles School

Amount raised:    £1507

Total to date:     £39362

A nice and easy fancy dress for this one - basically put your holiday gear on!  The weather helped too as it was warm.

The foyer was decorated with a sun lounger, towels and all the usual beach clutter and paraphernalia.

Lots of bunting around the room.

The tables had buckets and spades with flags as centre pieces along with small sticks of rock and Blackpool fudge.  

Once again we had some impressive costumes - bet it was warm in that wet suit!!  It did look great though.

Hawaiian costumes was popular too - and sensible in the heat! 

 We had seagulls and flamingos.

Our meal was fish, chips and mushy peas - served seaside style in boxes.

Our happy campers helpfully stacked up the boxes when they finished their meals...

Then it was time to form an orderly queue for ice cream.

It was a really simple meal but proper seaside fayre - and it tasted delicious. And the added bonus - we weren't trying to avoid the seagulls as they were firmly attached to the lights!!

Then it was time for a game of stand up bingo.  Just the one game as people were ready to dance!

We don't do a raffle at these smaller events - but thank you to those who donated raffle prizes - they will be held over until our next big event - nice to get a good head start!

So then it was time for the disco - once again hosted by an appropriately dressed Beechy - great music and a full dance floor.

Now some of you may have noticed this shy, retiring young... lady.  Not sure of her name - Veronique springs to mind (must find a pic of Veronique to compare the two!..) - Paulette maybe??

Here he/she is in all her glory...

Well what can I say.  He enjoys dressing up as a woman far too much and will always try to incorporate it into our themes..

But he is always such a good sport - and he brushes up well without all his blusher and mascara too!

So once again a massive thank you to you all - I know we keep saying this but we wouldn't be able to put on these events without your support.

And it's always win-win - great entertainment (thanks Beechy!) and money raised for places in the area that are special to us.

If you have photos that you would like to be included on the blog then please send them to Beechy. 

Until next time - THANKS AGAIN!.. x

Oh - and here's Veronique from a previous occasion (with bro Robin 'adjusting her garb'!).  Any similarity to Paul/Paulette is.... uncanny...

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