2005 BHF

Wednesday 20 July 2005

In aid of The British Heart Foundation

Amount raised: £2772

Running total to date £8923
Our third event the previous year in 2004 was in aid of the British Heart Foundation and we had decided that we would fund raise for the BHF on alternate years with other charities or good causes - but when our mum died in spring of 2005 of heart related disease we opted to give all proceeds of this year's event to The British Heart Foundation again in her memory.

The monies raised were used by Misterton Area First Responders to buy a defibrillator for use in the local area and villages.

First Responders are volunteers from the local area who are trained in First Aid and in how to use the defibrillator in cases of emergency - and they are often able to reach the scene of an accident before the emergency services.

We like to fund raise for local causes in our area and it is really nice when we are able to report back exactly how your generous donations have been spent!

Once again we decorated the room and the tables with BHF balloons in red and white - we were just beginning to get into our elaborate and arty (we think so!)  table and room dressing phase (which has gone from strength to strength!) at this stage.

Helena (the local area fund raising manager for the British Heart Foundation) attended this event to thank us for our fund raising efforts and tell us a little about the work and research done by the BHF to raise awareness about heart disease.

It was quite ironic that the food which we had chosen to be served at this event was chicken and chips!  Whoops - nice healthy salad next time then...

Once again you astounded us with your amazing generosity with donations for the raffle - it really was a talking point by this event - and went on (and still does go on many years later!) for ages due to the sheer number of prizes.  

Callum and Molly helped out with the raffle...

...but it was all too much!...

We had another great evening's entertainment from the fabulous Manhattans who were well supported by Ben's 'Shooting Star' disco.

Ben was - and still is - a great addition to the team and took some of the pressure off Beechy who was not really getting to relax much through the evening as he was constantly on the go meeting and greeting, announcing, doing the raffle, stand up bingo etc, etc - as well as doing his dj-ing!  So thanks Ben!

Everyone had a good evening dancing, chatting, eating and drinking!

The tiara was on loan from Molly!

In several of the pictures you can see that we are wearing red BHF wristbands. 

 All our family and friends had them on in memory of mum and even Robin put aside his football loyalties (of the blue variety!) and wore one for the evening!

This is the defibrillator which was presented to the Five Villages First Responders group in Misterton.

We were later told that the defibrillator had already been used on a teenager and an elderly man so it is nice to know that our fundraising helped with this.

  Beechy and Jules received a 'well done' certificate from the BHF for their fundraising efforts and the article appeared in several of the local newspapers.  It was probably at about this time that Julie started to keep a scrap book.

When Luisa, Ema, Callum and Molly arrived to stay with Robin for this event he was in the middle of house renovations so they said that they would help him with his clearing up and cleaning.

So of course they arrived suitably dressed...

... with rubber gloves, dusters and even down to the packet of ciggies in their pinny!  

But Beryl and Flo found that the job was bigger than they'd thought so they soon gave in their notice!

We all had a great evening despite the cleaning problems so thank you everyone once again - and Robin did eventually get his cleaning done!..


Friday 25 November 2005

In aid of Bassetlaw Hospice

Amount raised: £537

Running total to date: £9460

Beechy also organised another small charity  fund raiser for Bassetlaw Hospice in November of the same year.

This was a pop quiz with rounds of questions set by the master of pop himself - so this was very much a one man event - I think we only had to organise the pens and paper!

£537 was raised for the Bassetlaw Hospice.

Thanks to all who supported us!

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