2004 BHF

Wednesday 4 August 2004

In aid of The British Heart Foundation

Amount raised: £2404

Running total to date: £6151

The monies raised this year went to help the Peak Park Lifeline Appeal.  The British Heart Foundation was fund raising to buy 46 defibrillators to be given to Park Rangers for use in and around the Peak District.

The Peak District is one of the most widely used areas of national park in the country with huge numbers of people walking, hiking, picnicking and just generally enjoying the scenery there every day.

These defibrillators are essential equipment for the area and are kept in the Park Ranger vehicles to be used in cases of emergency.

Quite often the Park Rangers can reach an accident scene before the emergency services - partly because their vehicles are built for the rugged terrain but also because they know the area better.  This means that they are then on site more quickly with the life saving equipment which may be needed to help walkers and hikers who are in difficulty.

This is one of the defibrillators which we raised money for.

We actually managed to buy two defibrillators - and part of a third one!  They were about £1000 each at the time.

At this stage the appeal (all of it, not just us!) had raised enough money to buy about 32 of the 46 defibrillators needed.

We were not aware at this time how many events we would be organising for so many years in the future so our photo recording was a bit hit and miss.  

We are hoping that people who attended the events will be able to come forward with their own photos to fill the gaps!

Music for the evening was again provided by the wonderful Manhattans
with support from the ever popular Beechy's disco.

Once again if you can help with photos of this event we would be most happy to include them!

Thanks everyone.

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