2003 Breast Care

Wednesday 13 August 2003

In aid of Bassetlaw Hospital Breast Care Unit

Amount raised: £1578

Running total to date: £3747

Our second event was held in aid of the Bassetlaw Hospital Breast Care Fund. 

Because our fund raising is local we always know of someone who has had cause to use the organisations we choose - which is why they have been chosen in the first place.  I am sure that there are more worthy causes out there and we are always willing to consider fund raising for local groups of your choice.  Please give any suggestions to Beechy and Jules.

At the time of this event one of Julie's workmate's was receiving treatment for breast cancer so that is why this particular charity was chosen.

Mike and I were away on holiday for this event so this was entirely a Beechy and Jules production.  We do not have many photos of this evening so we would be happy to include any pictures that you took yourselves.

Music for the evening was once again provided by The Manhattans and Beechy's disco - thank you both very much!

The monies raised were used to provide training for specialist nurses and buy equipment for the Breast Care Unit.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

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