2008 St Giles

Friday 22 August 2008

In aid of St Giles School

Total raised at this event: £2022 

Running total to date: £16589

The money raised this year was to buy computer equipment and games for the students at St Giles School.  Pupils from each of the year groups decided what they would like - some wanted games or musical instruments and others wanted computer consoles and Wii boards and equipment.  All of these would be useful in helping the children in different ways such as with their balance or helping with dexterity and coordination.

As we were fund raising for children we decided to make the theme in the entrance hall a teddy bear's picnic.  The welcome poster at the back was made by our niece Rianna.

Our colours were lovely and bright and we used balloons which had the school logo on and had been designed by pupils.

For our table centres this year we had to eat more  tins of beans and soup as our table centres were again empty cans decorated with bright school logos filled with balloons on coloured sticks rising from the middle.

We make or buy most of our decorations and 'props' ourselves so that all monies raised go to our chosen cause or charity.  So it's great when we have an idea for something cheap and cheerful that looks so good when it is finished!  Everyone in the family joins in when needed - the teaset in the entrance hall was borrowed from a grand daughter and a niece (thanks Rianna and Molly!)

Our band were a great duo called 'Star Star'...

...and everyone danced to Ben's 'Shooting Star' disco...

We had a lovely buffet - there was even a whole poached salmon swimming in a sea of blue jelly!

Katy was in charge of the 'guess the name of the rabbit' 

We did our usual game of stand up bingo...

And staff from St Giles School were there - led by Pauline.

Our raffle this year was absolutely outstanding - there was even a beautifully carved wooden rocking horse which we auctioned separately as it was so lovely. We also had another rocking horse this year so it was definitely the year of the horse!

Julie and I are 'testing' the sweets here - we like to be thorough and make sure that everything is ok...

As a surprise for the pupils we had a photo book made to tell them about how we had raised the money.  We had it made as big as we could so that the visually impaired children would be able to see it.  

 We had a lot of fun making the book - these are some of the pages...

The book turned out really well and was a lovely surprise for the students at the presentation - but more of that later...

Neil, one of Beechy's colleagues at work, was running a marathon and decided to donate his raised funds to St Giles as well.  

Very generous of you Neil - thank you and WELL DONE! 

As I have mentioned several times before - everyone in the family gets roped in to help us when needed - and this year we needed more chairs!  Luckily Beechy has the contacts - and Robin has the van...

We have all more or less fallen into our little roles on the evening now and it works like a well oiled machine (not!)...

Mum and dad's great friends Roy and Anne usually try to attend - even if it's just for a quick visit to the bar upstairs.  But they can sometimes be persuaded to come downstairs to join us for a while - you just have to say the word 'dance' to them and they're off!...

So another great evening - thank you.

Later in the year Ian, Julie and I attended a presentation at St Giles with all the students and we toured the school and met some of the pupils in their classrooms.

Also with us were Neil who had run the marathon and Andre, another friend of Ian and Julie who had bought and donated a Wii console to be added to the other items we had raised funds to purchase.

All the pupils attended the presentation and were very excited as they could see the equipment and games that they had asked for.  

We were introduced to them and Ian told them about what we had done and I showed them the picture book.
It was a lovely morning and it was nice to see how excited the children were - and of course they knew exactly what they were getting as they had chosen everything themselves! I'm sure that they were soon having lots of fun with their new computer equipment and games!

It was a humbling experience for us to see how well these children cope with their physical and mental disabilities.  
The school is a great environment for them both socially and educationally - the staff are amazing in their care and support and everyone is always most appreciative of our fund raising efforts which is nice!

Of course none of this would be possible without our event attendees so once again a heartfelt thank you to you all!

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